The North Face app demonstrates how you can create individual native features while supplementing major workflows through web-views. Ultimately saving time and resources to ship a feature filled app.

As a result of research focused on desirability, usability and feasibility to various features, the listed items became native components to the app.

The remainder of the app, including the main use case, product search and checkout was in web-view.

Personalized Experience

Personalization increases the chance of checkout by decreasing the friction in finding products that are relevant. The North Face App uses a variety of techniques to personalize their experience including location, weather and variety of other metrics both user specific and not.

North Face App


This particular app includes the finess of having micro animations to render the various UI elements on the screen. These were created with the intention to grab user attention and provide actionable direction.

North Face App Animations


The app was successful in providing new functionality to it's users. Through analytics we confirmed that there were individuals who really took to the new features and were checking-into locations and earning points used toward purchases.

Overall the app accomplishes it's objectives and through the iterative agile process is on it's way to the top.

This was a project I managed while working full-time at YMediaLabs.