Suffering from a lousy designed website and various technical challenges, users lacked understanding and had issues checking out. Chefd was leaving money on the table. Obvious product goals included increase conversion rates, fix glitchy experiences and ultimately what it came down to... craft a simple to understand landing page and check out process that's aimed at maximizing conversion.

The overhaul spanned mobile app and web. It also touched on Amazon Alexa and Google Home integrations.


When a user lands on your website or app, users should quickly understand what the product is and how it benefits them. Working directly with the Chefd Marketing Team & CEO, the landing page was crafted to tell the story... we sell meal kits, crafted by celebrity chefs without any subscription required.


User research confirmed, users that find recipes they love are more likely to order. Quantifiable data showed users primarily searched for recipes through a collections & filtering. This was both time consuming and theoretically contributing to drop-off if they weren't able to quickly find a appetizing recipe.

A recommendation engine was crafted to display the most suiting meal-kit. Data was collected through an initial on-boarding experience and trickled in through a variety of user actions.The recommendation engine integrated with marketing, supplying automated content to be sent for various retention campaigns in email, push notifications and other retention tactics.

Personalized Just For You Chefd


The success of the project was ultimately quantifiable and the project evolved into a larger road map focusing on retention.

This was a project I contributed to while a full-time employee at YMediaLabs.