First Republic Bank provides the finest in-person banking experience one could imagine. You are assigned a personalized banker, who in my case, gave me her personal cell number, sharing that I can call for anything. On rainy days, I was offered a complimentary umbrella on my way out. And anytime you can pop-in for complimentary fresh baked cookies and coffee.

As Northern California’s fastest growing bank,  how can this real world experience be applied and apparent in the digital realm?

My First Republic Team & Messages

Forgot your bankers number? Need personalized help? An easy UX lets you get in contact with the banker via phone or email. Have a question about the app? Easily send support a message with in-app messaging.

FRB Mobile Check DepositMobile Check Deposit

Nobody wants to go to the bank if they dont have to and Mobile Check Deposit addresses exactly that. The previous version of the FRB app did not have Mobile Check Deposit and this became a new must have feature.

Touch ID & Fingerprint Login

More and more phones come standard with fingerprint reading capabilities. Fingerprint login gives the user a quicker and easier way to login without having to provide a password. iOS and Android have slightly different technical integrations to Touch ID and Fingerprint. To accurately capture each edge case a diagram illustrated each happy path and edge case.

FRB_Stealth_ViewStealth View

With a user base of highly-valued clients, how do you ensure privacy when publicly accessing your financial information in public spaces? Stealth View allows users to login to a private view of their dashboard (displaying various accounts and balances). The UX team came up with a gesture based long press to reveal the information with the targeted cell.

These are just a few features that I believe make the First Republic Bank Mobile App stand out in providing personalized-service through the digital realm.

This was a project I was involved in while working full time at YMediaLabs.