With a glitchy hybrid mobile app on the app store and mothers day quickly approaching, this flower delivery start-up was in a time crunch. Users were getting lost in web-views and performing most tasks was exceptionally painful. The app needed to be completely redesigned, developed, tested and integrated into API's  that didn't exist, all in a matter of three months...

The Agile Approach

When time is of the essence, the agile approach is the most time effective management style. Designers, Developers and QA teams overlapped their efforts. Working in two week sprints with an extremely short run way, feature by feature, starting with MVP and going down the hierarchy, all hands tackled product requirements in an overlapping effort.

Agile Product Development Model

Lean UX

Documenting highly detailed requirements takes times and requires approval. This adds another layer of process, delays and resources. With a Lean UX approach, we jumped straight into design. With an existing product and availability of competitors, we knew who we were targeting, what they wanted in a product. First came Information Architecture and once approved, wireframes and development.

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The product launched date was met and product goals were obtained. Users were easily able to discover and checkout the flowers of their preference. The scope of the project increased into additional features and the project is now featured as a case study for YML's portfolio.

Special Thanks

I'd like to thank the following people in making this project a success.

Nhat Tran - Man, you absolutely killed it. Thanks for picking up your phone in the evenings and putting your foot down when you felt strongly about design decisions. I got your back!

YML's India development team - Often seen as less desirable in comparison to an onshore team. In this case, the team went over the top. When there were last minute issues, regardless of the time, the team was responsive and provided updates. Thanks guys!

This was a project I managed while working full-time at YMediaLabs.